BDP Business Documents Processor

Business Integration Technology’s customers believe an enterprise messaging engine needs to do more than transmit and transform messages. Many messages flowing through the engine have more meaning to the business than just raw messages. EME Enterprise Edition includes the appropriate BIT-developed custom components that allow you to save these documents to the BDP (Business Document Processor). EME Enterprise Edition can manage receipt acknowledgements for those business documents in addition to business level acknowledgements. It also includes Business Process Intelligence (BPI) by allowing these documents to be correlated by an identifier revealing the entire business process and all related business documents. The user interface gives visibility to receipt times, acknowledgement times, the business document type, and current status of the business document. Using standard XSLs the contents of the business document can be rendered in HTML for easy viewing. Retries are supported from the user interface for all outbound business documents. Cancellation of business documents allows stale or manually-resolved processes to be cleaned up inside the user interface easily.

The enterprise integration network needs to extend business processes to suppliers, customers, and service providers. And it needs to make those business processes accessible to real business users – with the tools they need to ensure they get the real business benefits of B2B integration.

Most B2B integration solutions provide a way for a technician to "view" the content of an XML message that has been sent to or received from a trading partner. And it may be possible to "view" the content of the business document the message represents by retrieving the transaction in the enterprise application that created or processed the transaction. But business users like customer service representatives or the people handling accounts receivable really need to "see" what the trading partner "sees". BIT’s EME solution includes the technical viewer like everyone else. But we also provide a “Business Documents Processor” that can be customized for your industry standard and can include XSL that formats the XML message just like it would have appeared on a paper document. You can click on this image fragment to see a larger screen shot of how “Shipping Instructions” might look for a purchase order. BIT’s customers have found that this approach, leveraging open-source and industry standards, provides significant business value beyond the technical message viewer in basic messaging engines.

EME BDP Features

  • Display business documents
    • Filter to see the documents you want
    • View the document as a business document – suitable for use by business users – print it, forward it, save it
    • See details about sender, receiver, transaction type, message transmission and acknowledgement
    • See all related business documents in the business process
  • Actions
    • Retry message
    • Cancel business process
  • BDP - View, Retry, Cancel, Review business documents; correlates raw message via EME correlation id
  • BPI - View related documents
  • User Self Management - change password, edit preferences

EME’s Business Document Processor (BDP) makes B2B collaboration work for the business, not just IT.

BDP stores and retrieves the business documents exchanged with trading partners and presents them in a user-friendly format suitable for printing or e-mail.

BDP can be used with or without extensive enterprise application integration, making it possible to implement B2B integration in phases.

EME Business Documents Processor (PDF)