Managed File Transfer

BIT provides a secure Managed File Transfer solution for moving financial transactions, critical business files, large documents, XML, and EDI transactions over the Internet and private IP networks. Our managed file transfer capability is built around fileXhub, our secure protocol proxy, and your enterprise messaging engine or enterprise service bus (ESB), and supports a wide array of open Internet standards.

With Managed File Transfer, you can:

  • Reduce data exchange security risks and management burden by consolidating homegrown FTP server solutions
  • Consolidate and manage legacy mechanisms such as FTP servers
  • Automate and streamline applications and processes requiring secure file transfer
  • Manage your trading partner community
  • Conduct B2B and EDI transactions securely with encryption and reliably using standards-based Internet protocols with FTP, SFTP (SSH), HTTP, HTTPS (SSL/TLS)
  • Audit and report on data exchanges can help with regulatory compliance

Managed file transfer solutions are comprised of our secure fileXhub and your enterprise service bus (ESB). Flexible and scalable configuration options allow organizations to safely streamline or even replace expensive dedicated connections with the low-cost, public Internet. Managed File Transfer provides a centrally-managed, secure client/server solution supporting a broad set of open standard file transfer protocols. File Transfer is available as an appliance, software, or software as a service (SAAS) in the cloud. fileXhub is available in the Amazon AWS Marketplace.


BIT's fileXhub is based on open standards and lightweight secure technology. fileXhub makes it easy to build comprehensive, integrated, and secure managed file transfer applications. fileXhub works with your enterprise messaging engine to provide a centrally-managed system for monitoring and managing secure file transfer activity across multiple file transfer sites or applications. Key capabilities include:

  • Communication Services
  • Security Services
  • Management Services
  • Data Orchestration Services
  • Reporting and Auditing Services