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My Data on the Web is the fastest, easiest and most reliable Web database you can use to create an application to manage your data on your workstation, your home or office network or on the public Internet. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3 - Go! Note that My Data on the Web is a free Web database for personal and non-commercial use. If you are looking for an easy Web database, click on the button at right for a Web database download of My Data on the Web from CNET. Get it from CNET!
You may also download My Data on the Web by clicking here. If you prefer, you may email info(@) with the subject line 'My Data on the Web CD Request' and we will mail you a CD with the software.

  1. Create your data definitions using simple terms - no technical skills required
  2. Generate your data table - one click
  3. Create your 'My Data' pages - one more click

That's it! Data definition consists of simply listing the columns (fields) you want to include and specifying their data types. My Data on the Web supports data types like 'money', 'date', 'long text', and 'time' as well as data from drop-down selection lists. My Data on the Web makes your Web database easy. You can build your first Web database app in minutes!

Most importantly, My Data on the Web is implemented in a powerful relational database and supports linking data between tables to create whatever kind of relationship you need like 'My Customers have Orders' and 'Orders have Line Items' for maximum flexibility and data integrity.

My Data on the Web is free for personal and non-commercial use and is introductory priced at $295/server for all other uses.

A 60-day free trial is included for commercial users in the installation. My Data on the Web is powered by BIT's SQL ICE with capability to move up to very sophisticated custom application development.

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