See the Power of SQL ICE - Replay our Webinar

NEW! BIT hosted a webinar to demonstrate the power of SQL ICE.

See for yourself! Replay the session from January 25th by clicking on the "play" button below.

This webinar demonstrated some of the key functionality of SQL ICE, utilizing the example queries and applications that are found in the download and in the demo site. These are some of the items we covered:

  • introduction & overview
  • the user interface
  • a simple display query
  • headers & footers, including item counts & navigation links
  • search filters
  • pagination
  • downloading data as a .csv file
  • exposing data as a Web service
  • CRUD capability (create, read, update, delete functions)
  • user access & authority
  • full application for invoices & payments:
    • home screen for users - "query of queries"
    • tables for customers and products
    • drop-down boxes - JSON queries>/li>
    • format for printing