My Data on the Web - powered by SQL ICE

BIT's SQL ICE is a powerful tool for creating Web applications using only SQL. Now BIT has taken things to a whole new level with My Data on the Web. Simply put My Data on the Web is the fastest and easiest way to get data shared on the Web. All a user needs to do is describe the data in everyday terms (like 'text', 'date', 'number') and click a couple of links and the entire SQL ICE application is generated for them!

My Data on the Web isn't just for trivial data either. It supports complex data relationships with 'from Linked Table' columns as well as data validation and required and optional content. Version 2.0.1 includes a Windows .EXE installer to make it simple to install and start up. We have significantly improved documentation and links to on-line documentation resources and we have videos of installation and simple table creation (more to come soon!). My Data on the Web lets users filter data on all content and includes totals and averages for the selected data.

Sophisticated Web apps without technical skills - that's what My Data on the Web is all about. And when you need even more power, you can move up to SQL ICE and create custom capability.

Go to the download page and give it a try yourself!

My Data on the Web is free for personal non-commercial use and only $295 per server for commercial use.