PaperClipPlus Enhancements for Multimedia Features for Multimedia Cloud Storage and Sharing

BIT has significantly enhanced's multimedia capabilites. PaperClipPlus™ is now a simple and comprehensive software-as-a-service solution for Cloud storage and sharing of everything from purchase orders to photos and presentations to performances.

With these enhancements, PaperClipPlus™ users can now easily:

  • Create filesets that include all major media types - audio, video, and images.
  • Media can be viewed/played from a fileset with a single click
  • Use one click to launch a slide show that automatically selects image media from a fileset and displays it with controls to navigate the slide show and to download any included media files
  • PaperClipPlus™ works with users' browser settings and selected helper applications to view/play media in the browser and/or launch the appropriate player application
  • And, as always, the file owner has complete control of who can get which files as well as complete visibility of user views of his or her files

More details are available by clicking here or view the presentation by clicking below:

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